Clutch Wallet

What is Clutch?

Most of the MVL Ecosystem members, such as drivers and passengers, have difficulty entering the blockchain service. In particular, issues such as security and UX of private keys are a hurdle to the general public.
Therefore, the MVL team is developing a cryptocurrency wallet, Clutch, that can be used more efficiently by members of the rapidly growing MVL ecosystem. In addition, it provides user-friendly single-sign-on (SSO) login and supports multiple layer one services such as Ethereum and BSC networks. In addition, we plan to allow you to experience various blockchain service ecosystems such as Defi and NFT.


Account Management

Clutch mobile app allows for easy and fast account creation and management through social login. It also provides simple and powerful security through biometric authentication login.

DApp Browser

The Clutch wallet supports a standardized wallet connect method. Clutch Wallet makes it convenient to use standardized DApps such as Uniswap, Pancake Swap, Opensea and blockchain services provided by MVL. The main-net supported at launch is Ethereum Mainnet and BSC network.

MVP Management

MVP is a point of stable value within the MVL ecosystem and is managed in conjunction with MVL's ride-hailing service, TADA. The Clutch mobile app supports mapping wallet addresses and TADA IDs. Through this, users can conveniently exchange MVL and MVP on the Clutch mobile app, check MVP balance, and transfer MVP on the Clutch mobile app. In the future, payments can be made in various digital services provided by MVL, such as Game, NFT, Defi, and the MVL ecosystem services.

NFT Asset Management

The Clutch mobile app supports managing, transmitting, and verifying digital assets such as NFT. In addition, if the wallet addresses and TADA IDs are mapped through the Clutch mobile app, users can utilize NFT in games and content that access TADA IDs.
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What is Clutch?