Assetization of Mobi Datas

Clutch is an infrastructure that implements new products and services that combine mobility and blockchain.

Various mobility data generated in the MVL ecosystem can be reborn as new products on the blockchain network through incentive protocols, financing protocols, and more.

These products are implemented in standardized asset form on an open blockchain network for everyone. Therefore, it can reach a new user base with a different nature from existing Web2 markets and can have great scalability, such as collaboration programs with various Web3 services.

TADA and other mobility services can introduce products such as coupons and passes to Web3 users.

The mobility services in the MVL ecosystem can not only apply the incentive protocol, but also sell their own service products at Clutch Shop.

Based on their accumulated experience, the MVL team supports successful first meetings between partnership services and Web3 users by providing consulting on appropriate discount rates, price ranges, token utilization for sales and settlements, as well as events and marketing within Clutch.

In the long term, we are also considering NFT-izing mobility service passes and tickets to provide benefits in the secondary market.

Mobility assets and infrastructure such as vehicles and batteries can be linked to NFTs and commercialized directly.

If you connect various data sets generated by vehicles and batteries to NFTs in a 1:1 manner, you can manage various rights such as ownership and rental rights in the form of NFTs. In other words, models are being considered such as investors proving vehicle ownership as NFTs, lending it to taxi companies to earn rental income, and remotely managing assets through NFTs.

This will be operated directly through MVL's financing protocol, and is expected to play a significant role in the rapid expansion of new vehicles and infrastructure, especially in the Southeast Asian mobility market.

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