Welcome to MVL

MVL is the fastest growing Web 3.0 mobility ecosystem in Asia.

Millions of drivers and riders are active in the MVL (Mass Vehicle Ledger) ecosystem every day, accumulating massive amounts of mobility data.
Millions of trips and payments take place every month on TADA's ride-hailing service. Additionally, over 500 eco-friendly vehicles produced and sold directly by ONiON Mobility are playing the roads of Southeast Asia at this very moment.
In the MVL ecosystem, various mobility data is being generated in real time. These data are recorded on the blockchain and used to develop new services and products.

Over the past five years, we have completed a broad mobility ecosystem ranging from ride hailing to vehicle manufacturing.

TADA, a mobility service brand, directly operates taxi and ride-hailing services. Over the past five years, TADA has achieved explosive growth in several Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore and Cambodia, and has now become a popular service. In addition, we provide a variety of solutions to our partners based on our technology and experience across all areas of mobility, including delivery, logistics, truck management, limousine reservations, and designated driving.
ONiON Mobility, an eco-friendly vehicle brand, provides services for all life cycles of vehicles, including vehicle manufacturing, operation management, vehicle finance (sales, loan, rental), and driver management (credit evaluation, loan, insurance). In particular, we directly operate infrastructure such as battery asset management and eco-friendly charging stations, and are continuously expanding our service scope into the eco-friendly energy sector.

The convergence of mobility and blockchain can create greater value.

MVL provides a variety of blockchain protocols to support the growth of mobility services. By applying transparent and fair token incentives, users can be encouraged to continue participating in the service, and a reliable vehicle financing system can be implemented using NFT and smart contracts.
MVL's Clutch Wallet is a bridge that connects Web2 mobility services and Web3. By connecting users, goods, and data from various mobility services, data can be commercialized and sold on the blockchain network. Clutch Wallet continues to develop as an infrastructure that adds new value to traditional mobility services and supports infinite expansion.
MVL Token is used by several services in the MVL ecosystem. Used MVL Tokens are collected into the treasury and distributed to ecosystem participants again after a store period. In this process, the in-out of MVL Tokens will be made transparently through an open treasury, and decisions such as token redistribution within the treasury will also be made together with participants through the governance function.