Welcome to MVL

Fast Growing Web 3 Mobility Ecosystem

MVL is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem launched in 2018.
Mobility industry workers participating in the MVL ecosystem have sovereignty over the values they create and are provided with incentives.
MVL is the fastest-growing mobility platform in Southeast Asia.
MVL is conducting business in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam and has partnerships with more than 30 mobility companies.
Millions of participants are in the MVL Ecosystem.
More than 140,000 drivers are active on the TADA platform, and the number of registered riders using TADA exceeds 1 million.
The MVL team is firmly operating the absolute business service, which is the core of the MVL ecosystem.
TADA Mobility provides services such as Delivery, Trucking and Ride-Hailing & Taxi.
ONiON infrastructure produces E-Vehicle and E-Bike while operating E-Station, a battery exchange and logistics hub.
In short, we are the only Web 3 Mobility Player.
We have established a virtuous cycle ecosystem in which more people participate by operating high-quality, profitable services and applying incentives based on blockchain.
We aim to make infrastructure that bridges the digital world and mobility business.
Data from drivers and vehicles obtained through TADA and ONiON services have interesting features. These data can be combined with blockchain services such as NFT and games to create new value. In this process, greater incentives can be provided to ecosystem participants and create new ways to utilize MVL tokens.
The most important thing to advance to the next level is the MVL community.
We will open a new horizon for Web3 Mobility with the MVL community involving all users using TADA, ONiON, and MVL Blockchain services and everyone with MVL. Let's go, MVLers!
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