MVL RWA (Musubi)

MVL RWA operates an innovative financial program that is unlike any other in the world.

Drivers working in ride-sharing services such as TADA are attracting attention as an excellent, highly profitable and stable job in the Southeast Asian market. However, in order to purchase a vehicle required for service, drivers must pay a high interest rate of more than 20%, and even this is difficult to obtain a loan.

On the other hand, in developed countries such as Korea and Japan, interest rates as low as 0% continue, and many investors are looking for various investment options. In particular, investors in developed countries with a high level of awareness are considering the ‘impact’ aspect of their investments, which means that their investments will contribute to a better world and a better environment.

MVL is implementing a new financial model that can satisfy the needs of both Southeast Asian drivers and developed country investors through MVL RWA. The core competitiveness of this is to reduce investment risks by utilizing MVL's mobility technology, operational experience, and technical characteristics of blockchain.

The entire MVL RWA process utilizes both mobility technology and blockchain technology.

The TADA RH App generates data such as profits and work continuity of drivers active in TADA, and uses this to operate an alternative credit rating model. Additionally, drivers can automatically pay a portion of TADA App profits every month, so the loan principal and interest repayment rate is also very high.

ONiON Mobility operates a rental program in addition to vehicle production. Vehicles sold under an installment model are continuously managed in the system, and managers can easily manage rented vehicles and payments through the dashboard. If the driver continues to fail to pay the rental fee, an alarm message will be sent through the ONiON App. and TADA App. We also have V2X technology that allows remote stopping of vehicles if non-payment accumulates over a long period of time.

MVL Blockchain technology can significantly lower the psychological barriers of overseas investors. Investors who purchase a vehicle will receive an NFT linked to the vehicle, and the ownership and rental rights of the vehicle are recorded through the NFT. Additionally, investors can increase the stability of their assets by being able to view vehicle data, driver information, investment returns, etc. recorded on the dashboard at a glance.

MVL NFT, the core commodity of the Financing Protocol, can have various scalability in the future.

Currently, you can prove ownership and rental rights of a vehicle through NFT. You can also access vehicle dashboards and various data boards to easily check your vehicle assets in other countries in real time.

Anyone can check real-time mileage data for ONiON vehicles and bikes at MVL Depin. The vehicle network provides detailed information about the vehicle's real-time driving status, location, and mileage.

Currently, MVL's energy infrastructure network carries out joint management of battery assets and joint recording of lifetime data with several partners, including PTT and Total Energy.

In the future, MVL plans to expand awareness and influence through more collaboration and marketing in the global blockchain scene.

More details are available on the site below.

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