Mobility Solutions

Delivery & Retail Management

Single Delivery Solution

Single Delivery focuses on delivering fresh food items in a single delivery and revolves around matching between restaurants, drivers, and customers. Currently, the service is available in regions such as Cambodia.

Bundled Delivery Solution

Bundled Delivery is a solution optimized for small-scale bundle deliveries in urban areas. It mainly collaborates with retail companies within Singapore and has temporarily launched "TADA Fresh Market" that supports online sales of five traditional markets within Singapore, especially during the COVID-19 period. In addition, in Thailand, it has collaborated with SevenEleven and achieved a cost reduction of about 30-50% compared to the existing method through bundle delivery via ONiON T1C truck.

Truck & Cargo Management Solution

Truck Management is a solution that allows shippers, customers, and truck drivers to manage logistics transportation processes in real-time, mainly operating in Vietnam. Through this solution, business owners can manage real-time logistics flow of the entire process from loading to unloading of the trucks, and provide the optimal freight transportation route to drivers.

Energy Infra Management Solution

Through Energy Infra Management, numerous batteries can be efficiently operated and managed.

Franchisees and battery owners can access the ONiON Dashboard to continuously monitor real-time location, remaining capacity, cumulative charging count, remaining lifespan, and more of their owned batteries. In addition, they can receive accumulated usage revenue from the entire process from generation to disposal, accumulate eco-friendly credits, and also receive sales commissions upon disposal.

Electric vehicle drivers can check energy information through the ONiON App. They receive real-time information on the remaining capacity of the battery installed in the vehicle, the location of nearby stations, and the quantity of batteries held.

Driver Credit Evalutions Solution

Southeast Asian drivers often have difficulty obtaining loans due to a lack of bank accounts. However, MVL operates an alternative credit rating system by examining drivers' work history and earnings records who use the TADA service.

As a result, since 2021, Shinhan Bank and other local Cambodian banks have launched a driver loan business, and ONiON operates a loan and rental business that combines finance and rental based on its accumulated experience.

Connected Vehicle Communicating Solution (V2X)

All vehicles and battery assets in the MVL ecosystem can communicate in real-time with the control center and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology.

Therefore, ONiON drivers can receive various traffic information, as well as vehicle and battery levels, gas station information, etc. through a smartphone app, and can also receive emergency alerts in case of danger. This technology and service are already being applied to various vehicles such as the 500 E-TukTuks and E-Trucks currently in operation.

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