TADA Ride-Hailing

Currently, TADA RH service is operating in 4 countries: Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, particularly recording a market share similar to other large services in Singapore.

In particular, with lower fees compared to other services and DePIN service using MVL Token, TADA has accumulated 2.5 million+ riders and 260,000+ drivers. Notably, the number of daily trips has increased by more than 2000% compared to 2020, and this growth trend is still ongoing.

TADA RH provides the best mobility experience for both drivers and passengers.

Despite the economic downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic, TADA has shown consistent growth since 2020, powered by low fees, data-driven operation strategies, blockchain incentives, and secured the second-largest market share in the Singapore ride-hailing market in 2023, surpassing Gojek.

With such significant growth, the number of drivers recorded on the platform has increased to 260,000, and the number of registered users has exceeded 2.5 million. The number of daily matched trips of TADA, which has been well-received by customers, has increased more than 12 times compared to 2020.

In the future, TADA plans to grow as the best RH service player in Southeast Asia.

As the TADA RH service expands, the MVL Token incentive program will also be refined in a tailored manner for each country. Future DePIN policies will be operated more strategically, considering the growth stage of service in each country, the response of drivers and passengers, the degree of government regulation, and so on, and methods of using MVL Token within the service will also be introduced.

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