TADA Ride-Hailing

Currently, the TADA RH service operates in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam, with Singapore recording the market share comparable to other larger peers.

In particular, low commissions compared to other services and an incentive system utilizing MVL Tokens played a significant role in the initial market entry and service growth. In particular, the number of daily trip contracts increased by over 2,000% compared to 2020, and this growth trend is still continuing.

TADA RH provides the best mobility experience for both drivers and passengers.

With a zero commission policy that bypasses the high commissions of giant platform companies, an online driver community, and offline rest centers prioritizing drivers, TADA RH has received great response from drivers. In particular, MVL Token incentives are provided to excellent drivers, playing a major role in improving the overall quality of the service.

TADA RH also provides quality trips for passengers. In particular, it combines advanced technology and efficient operating capabilities to provide both fast matching and affordable prices, which are the most important factors in ride hailing service. In addition, it provides differentiated services such as simple payment, intuitive app usability, minimization of advertisements, safety such as emergency calls, and a choice of various vehicle models.

Going forward, TADA plans to grow as the leading RH service player in Southeast Asia.

To expand its services throughout Southeast Asia, TADA is currently selecting major strategic countries such as Thailand, establishing corporations and teams, recruiting drivers, and preparing for launch by forming partnerships with local businesses.

As TADA's RH services expand, the MVL Token incentive program will also be further developed in a customized manner for each country. Future incentive policies will be operated more strategically, taking into account factors such as the growth stage of services by country, driver and passenger response, and government regulations. Additionally, ways to use MVL Tokens within the service will also be introduced.

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