MVL Token

MVL is building a platform that utilizes blockchain to collect, store, and utilize various data generated in the mobility ecosystem such as vehicles and users. Currently, it transparently manages activity records of drivers and riders in mobility services, as well as purchase, driving, accident, and maintenance records of vehicles, and provides an environment to directly utilize them through the Clutch wallet.

MVL Token is used as a means for exchanging and rewarding data (including products utilizing data) within the MVL platform. In particular, users and vehicles in the MVL ecosystem can receive MVL Tokens as rewards according to their participation, which can be reused in mobility services.

MVL Token Specs

Name & Contracts

ERC20↔BEP20 Bridge


CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko


Token Utility

  • Used to purchase MVL’s mobility NFT

  • User compensation based on participation in mobility services

  • Protocol usage fees from affiliated mobility service companies

  • Purchase and use of products from affiliated mobility services

  • MVL Network liquidity supply and compensation

  • Participate in major ecosystem decisions.

MVL Token Total Analytics

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