MVL is building 'Web3 Mobility Ecosystem'.

As the first stage, MVL has established a solid business foundation for the implementation of Web3 mobility ecosystem.

For the past few years, MVL has successfully operated ‘TADA’, a fast-growing ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia, and ‘ONiON Mobility’, which develops and operates electric vehicle production and energy infrastructure.

Currently, MVL is in the process of connecting the mobility business and the blockchain ecosystem. Accordingly, the mobility incentive system that incorporates the bMVL token is being applied step by step from TADA Cambodia through owned blockchain wallet, Clutch.

From 2023, MVL plans to further expand the application of the mobility incentive system and Clutch wallet. Therefore, bMVL token transactions in Southeast Asia are expected to increase steadily. In preparation for this, it is necessary to grow the MVL blockchain infrastructure, such as securing the on-chain liquidity of the bMVL token.

For the growth of the MVL blockchain ecosystem, MVL launches MVL Staking.

MVL Staking is a basic service that MVL holders can directly or indirectly contribute to support convenient and safe landing of Web3 and better use of MVL token for mobility service users in Southeast Asia, such as drivers and riders.

MVL holders can contribute to the MVL mobility ecosystem in the following forms, and incentive will be given accordingly.

  • LP Staking (Farms)

    1. Contribute for providing liquidity of bMVL tokens in the BNB network where MVL mobility incentives works

    2. Contribute for providing liquidity of MVL tokens in the ETH network

  • Single Staking (Pools)

    • Contribute to pre-work for side-chains and Mainnet preparations to be considered when on-chain transactions increase

The details of each service will be explained in the next chapter.

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