MVL Governance User Guide

In the future, the governance voting of the MVL ecosystem will be conducted using Snapshot, the most popular decentralized voting system.

What is a Snapshot?

Snapshot is a widely used governance tool in the majority of blockchain projects, including DAOs, DeFi protocols, and NFT communities. In particular, it allows anyone to participate in voting easily and without any additional gas fees, simply by signing in with a blockchain wallet that contains the assets for voting.

The MVL Snapshot site is as follows.

Participation in the MVL community and governance voting is only available to the following members:

  1. MVL token holders on the Ethereum Mainnet network

  2. bMVL token holders on the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet network

  3. DEMO NFT holders

In this case, the more MVL, bMVL, and NFT holdings in your wallet, the greater impact you can have on the voting.

Once the governance voting is launched within the MVL Snapshot community, you can enter the desired proposal and vote on the desired items.

The results of the voting will be reflected in the major progress of the project.

If you search for MVL in the snapshot, you will find the MVL project. Please click the "Join" button here.

Please select the desired wallet and connect it. You need to connect the wallet in order to participate in governance voting.

When you connect your wallet, the Join will be changed to "Joined".

If you just want to check if there is any vote, please click on the MVL logo~

If you click on the logo and enter, you can see all the proposals that have been made so far.

Please enter the proposal that you like among the ongoing proposals. After reading the description of the proposal, please vote for the desired item.

When you confirm your selected option and click the confirm button, it will be reflected in the voting results.

If you have any further questions about how to use snapshots, please refer to the official snapshot documentation.

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