ONiON E-Vehicle & Infra

ONiON Mobility is an electric vehicle and battery charging infrastructure brand launched in 2021.

Currently, we have established our own factory in the capital of Cambodia to produce battery exchangeable environmentally friendly E-TukTuks and E-Trucks. We are also building a national energy network starting with the establishment of charging infrastructure such as E-Stations.
Going forward, we plan to expand the distribution of eco-friendly vehicles and infrastructure to all of Southeast Asia and lead the eco-friendly mobility trend in the region through real-time data-based vehicle management services and more.

ONiON directly produces and sells models such as the T1 electric tricycle and T1C electric truck, while also conducting various related businesses related to vehicles.

To support the smooth sale of vehicles, ONiON has developed its own driver credit evaluation technology. Vehicle finance business such as Loan & Rental according to credit quality is also proceeding smoothly. Based on this, we also provide services such as maintenance of eco-friendly vehicles and sales of used cars.
In addition, ONiON manages the entire life cycle of exchangeable batteries used in vehicles in real-time through software, including production, charging, and disposal. ONiON also operates numerous franchise stations, including 11 directly operated stations, for battery charging.

Going forward, we plan to sell ONiON vehicles in various Asian countries, including Cambodia.

In addition to the T1C electric truck, which has already been exported through our Thai shipping service, we are also developing new products such as electric bikes to introduce in different countries. We also plan to provide various solution technologies such as real-time vehicle management and battery management utilizing data.
Furthermore, we are devising a new vehicle finance service model that connects various data and permissions generated from vehicles and batteries in the form of NFT.