ONiON E-Vehicle & Infra

ONiON Mobility is an electric vehicle and battery charging infrastructure brand launched in 2021.

Currently, ONiON has established its own factory in the capital of Cambodia and is producing environmentally friendly battery-exchangeable E-TukTuk and E-Truck. ONiON is also building a national energy network, starting with the establishment of charging infrastructures like E-Stations.

In the future, ONiON plans to lead the eco-friendly mobility trend in Southeast Asia by expanding the distribution of eco-friendly vehicles and infrastructures to all over Southeast Asia and providing vehicle management services based on real-time data.

Launch of Electric Tricycle T1s & T1l and Electric Bike X-Series

In June 2023, ONiON Mobility upgraded its flagship electric tricycle T1 and introduced the new T1s and T1l models. The new models boast a top speed improved by 28% compared to the existing models and have reduced noise by 50% to provide customers with a more convenient means of transportation.

In November 2023, ONiON Mobility launched the X-Series electric bike lineup as part of its efforts to promote the electrification of motorcycles, a popular mode of transportation in Southeast Asia. The X-Series electric bike boasts excellent performance with a top speed of 80km/h and a maximum driving distance of over 75km on a single charge.

In the future, we plan to expand the sales of ONiON vehicles to various Asian countries.

We plan to develop new products and introduce them to various countries. In addition, we also plan to provide various solution technologies such as vehicle management and battery management using real-time data.

We are also considering a new vehicle financial service model that links various data and authorities generated from vehicles and batteries in the form of NFTs.

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