Millions of users who use MVL Mobility Services will be connected to the Web3 ecosystem.

MVL's mobility services such as TADA and ONiON are popular services used by millions of Southeast Asian users every day. Real-time transactions are still occurring and MVL Token incentives are provided based on them.

In the future, numerous on-chain transactions of MVL Tokens are expected to occur through Clutch wallet. Various plans are underway to incentivize user activity on Clutch, such as exchanging MVL Tokens for mobility points and depositing MVL Tokens for discounted purchases of mobility services.

Therefore, it is important to provide on-chain liquidity for MVL Token, the core asset of the ecosystem.

For the sustainable growth of the MVL ecosystem, stable value exchange of MVL Token, the central asset of the ecosystem, must be ensured. This means that anyone should be able to buy or sell any desired amount of MVL Token at any time, and that the fluctuation of MVL Token's value in the market and user losses should be minimized.

In particular, for the mobility users newly entering the MVL ecosystem, the on-chain Token Swap method through Clutch Wallet can be more convenient and familiar than purchasing MVL Token through CEX exchanges.

Participate in building the foundation infrastructure of the MVL Mobility ecosystem through MVL Staking.

MVL Bridge website is operating a Staking program to secure on-chain liquidity of MVL Token. Anyone who holds MVL Token can participate, and proper rewards will be given according to the contribution.

As of August 2023, two types of Staking programs are being operated on ETH and BNB networks. Please check the User Guide section for detailed participation methods for each program.

  • LP Staking (Farms)

    • Contribute to the liquidity supply of MVL token on ETH and BNB networks.

  • Single Staking (Pools)

    • Contribute to the preparation work for side chains, mainnet, etc. that need to be reviewed in case of an increase in on-chain transactions in the future.

MVL Staking Links

MVL & bMVL Single Staking :

ETH-MVL & BNB-bMVL LP Staking :

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