Can I participate from a clutch wallet?

Staking can also be done in Clutch Wallet.

However, Clutch Wallet is currently undergoing multiple updates for stable connection with various Web2 services and UI/UX improvements.

Therefore, depending on the situation of each version of Clutch, participation in Staking service in Clutch may be unstable.

Therefore, please participate in Staking through Metamask (Chrome Web recommended) if possible.

Can I withdraw immediately while staking is in progress? Is unstaking possible?

The currently released staking does not have a separate lock-up period, and you can freely unstake until the end period.

Where can I check the staking end date?

You can check end date on Ends in, and when you click the block, you will be moved to the screen where you can check the end date.

Where can I see my current earnings?

You can check your revenue in real time from Staking Earned tap.

Can I participate on mobile?

You can participate from PC as well as mobile.

How much is APR?

If you link your wallet on the staking screen, you can check your APR in real time. We can't tell the exact number because it fluctuates in real time.

When doing LP Staking, why does APR change in real time even though Total Liquidity is the same?

In the case of LP Staking, even if the Total Liquidity is the same, the APR will continue to fluctuate according to the price of the token.

What is the ratio of BNB and bMVL or ETH and MVL when creating LP tokens?

LP tokens are created by supplying BNB and bMVL or ETH and MVL, which have the same value, in a one-to-one ratio.

As the value of the token fluctuates in real time, the ratio also fluctuates in real time.

What are the similarities and differences between bMVLBNB LP Staking and MVLETH LP Staking?

BNB-bMVL LP Staking and ETH-MVL LP Staking have the same structure and participation method. The structure can be checked at BNB-bMVL LP Staking and ETH-MVL LP Staking. Participation method can be checked at the User Guide.

However, there are major differences in the network, required tokens, and a reward.

BNB-bMVL LP Staking uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. BNB-bMVL LP Staking requires BNB and bMVL tokens. As a reward, bMVL is paid.

ETH-MVL LP Staking uses the Ethereum network. ETH-MVL LP Staking requires ETH and MVL tokens. As a reward, MVL is paid.

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