Clutch Wallet

Clutch is the official mobile cryptocurrency wallet of the MVL Mobility ecosystem.

Most mobility users are not yet familiar with blockchain. Global wallet services still have barriers to the mass adoption of Web3 services, such as inconvenient UI/UX, private key management, and fee issues.

Clutch Wallet was created to improve existing wallet services and lead millions of mobility service users come to Web3. Considering the needs of local users in Southeast Asia, we focused on implementing user-friendly UI/UX such as social login method, 2/3 private key recovery mechanism, preferential use of MVP (MVL Point) connected 1:1 with MVL Token, and inducing them come to the blockchain step by step.

Users can easily acquire, use, and manage various cryptocurrencies, including MVL, through Clutch. It also supports key features such as receiving, sending, and on-chain transactions (swap) with other tokens. It currently supports Ethereum, Binance, Tezos, and Klayton networks, and plans to expand to various multi-chain networks and add support tokens in the future.

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Various mobility services, users, goods, and data in the MVL ecosystem are connected through Clutch.

Users participate in various missions through Clutch's Mission tab and receive MVP as a reward. It is divided into missions related to mobility services, partnership programs with partner blockchain products, and missions provided by Clutch itself.

In addition, goods of various mobility services that apply the Incentive Protocol provided by MVL can also be exchanged for MVP and MVL through Clutch. Currently, rewards such as TADA Points given as rewards within the TADA service can be exchanged for MVP through Clutch.

The MVP received as a reward can be used again in partnership mobility services. This is provided in various forms of coupons and products in the Shop tab and plans to gradually expand from TADA Ride coupons and ONiON Battery Swap coupons to various product categories.

The majority of mobility users come to the Web3 ecosystem through the Clutch wallet. This starts with the user exchanging the same amount of MVP they possess for MVL Tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Users can send MVL Tokens to exchanges or exchange them for other coins at any time, and can also gain additional rewards by contributing to the creation of the MVL blockchain infrastructure through Staking.

The first step come to the MVL ecosystem, Clutch Wallet!

Download it now and enjoy various benefits.

Please refer to the Clutch User Guide.

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