Clutch Wallet Guide

Clutch Wallet

Clutch Wallet is the official mobile cryptocurrency wallet of MVL.

With Clutch, you can store and manage various cryptocurrencies including MVL Token, and connect MVL's mobility services and token economy through various additional features.

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MVL Token

MVL Token is a core asset of the MVL ecosystem and can be used for various purposes.

The incentive system in MVL Mobility Services is based on MVL Token. Depending on the conditions of each service, incentives can be applied in different forms such as points or simple counts, but users can ultimately exchange them for MVL Tokens. Conversely, MVL Tokens that have been paid out can also be used in the mobility service again in the form of coupons or purchases.

In addition, the use of MVL Tokens on the On-Chain platform is expanding. Various types of liquidity supply (staking) programs are currently being operated. In the future, proposals and participation rights (governance) in major ecosystem decision-making will be also being prepared.

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MVP (MVL Point) is a point-based currency that corresponds 1:1 with MVL Token.

It was introduced to provide a more convenient experience for users when using MVL Token in Clutch Wallet. Since MVP always has the same value as actual MVL Token, users can exchange MVP used in Clutch Wallet with actual MVL Token at any time on a 1:1 basis.

For this purpose, the issuance and burning process of MVP is strictly managed by Smart Contract, which is structurally similar to token bridge technology between networks. In other words, only the same amount of MVP can be issued when MVL Token is stored up through Clutch Wallet, and MVL Token can only be released when MVP is burned.

MVP can be obtained through the following three methods.

  1. By performing missions in the Mission tab within Clutch, you can obtain MVP as a reward.

  2. You can exchange your own points obtained as participation rewards from affiliated mobility services such as TADA and ONiON for MVP according to the exchange rate agreed upon in Clutch.

  3. You can purchase MVL Tokens from external exchanges and exchange them for MVP through the Wallet tab within Clutch.

MVP can be used in two ways:

  1. You can purchase mobility service products through the Shop tab in Clutch. Currently, we are starting with service vouchers for TADA and ONiON, which are operated directly by MVL, but we plan to expand the product line through collaboration with various services in the long term.

  2. You can exchange MVP with actual MVL Tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Users can exchange MVP for MVL or bMVL, and then proceed with sending and trading to external exchanges, as well as participate in various on-chain activities provided by MVL, such as Staking, and receive rewards.

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