Risk & Security

All participants who read the notice below and use the MVL Staking and MVL Bridge services are acknowledged to have read and agreed to the contents. Please be aware that MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd. will not be liable for any compensation, indemnification, and other liabilities.

Asset Deposit/Withdrawal

  • Please note below when depositing and withdrawing assets.

  • To request a transaction, you must have a certain amount of ETH or BNB as a transaction processing fee (Gas fee).

  • Users must accurately check the network type and address when depositing and withdrawing assets on the MVL Bridge. If a user deposits an asset from a not supported network by MVL Bridge, or if the deposit address is not entered or entered incorrectly, the normal deposit process may not be processed and the asset may be lost.

Limitation of Liability

  • All transactions through the MVL Bridge occur at the discretion and responsibility of each participant. Therefore, users should familiarize themselves with the details, including token information, price, main network, etc., before using the services within the MVL Bridge, and carefully consider the risk factors for the transaction before participating.

  • It is clearly stated that all information provided in MVL Bridge is an auxiliary material to help understand decentralized trade and is not for an investment recommendation.

  • MVL Bridge strives for maximum stability. However, undetected defects may exist, and there is an element of risk of loss due to financial crimes such as hacking and flash loan attacks that exploit these defects.

  • Digital assets are highly volatile, so be cautious when trading.

  • Participation may be restricted for those residing in countries where digital asset investment is prohibited.

  • Regarding the user's loss due to the risk inherent in the transaction or not obtaining the expected profit due to the use of the MVL Bridge and MVL Staking service; To the extent permitted by law, MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd., in the absence of willful or gross negligence, MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for this.

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