MVL Blockchain

MVL innovates the mobility industry with blockchain technology.

Since 2018, we have been carrying out a ride-hailing mobility service called ‘TADA’ and an electric vehicle production, sales, and charging infrastructure business called ‘ONiON’ in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Based on these successful real-world mobility projects, we are solving problems in the existing mobility industry with blockchain technology.

  1. MVL DePIN

    In the MVL ecosystem, massive mobility data is generated from drivers, passengers, vehicles, batteries, etc. in real time. Data providers receive token incentives based on their contribution, and these data can be utilized in the blockchain network to create new businesses such as market analysis, autonomous driving, and financial commercialization.

  2. MVL Fi

    With the significant growth of TADA mobility services, which have been successfully implementing the DePIN narrative since 2018, MVL has implemented a value-sharing mobility ecosystem. Accordingly, MVL is operating a sustainable staking program that shares value with MVL Token holders based on profits generated from actual business.

  3. MVL RWA (Musubi)

    Vehicle assets depreciate based on mileage, but when combined with a rental program, they can become a new financial product. MVL Blockchain plans to launch an innovative vehicle RWA product by connecting investors from developed countries looking for new investments with vehicle buyers from emerging countries such as Southeast Asia.

  4. Clutch

    Clutch is MVL's official cryptocurrency wallet designed for participants in the MVL Web 3.0 ecosystem. Clutch is tightly integrated with MVL's mobility services, TADA and ONiON Mobility, allowing users to conveniently and securely manage, store, and utilize the incentives and rewards earned through their contributions.

MVL's mobility vision involves approximately 250,000 drivers, more than 2.6 million passengers and more than 700 owned vehicles. The MVL team is a well-established company with over 300 employees worldwide, including in South Korea, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, and the cumulative equity investment to date has reached approximately $30 million.

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