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Democopter is a Tuk-tuk helicopter a renovated version of DEMO T1. Simply press and hold the screen, then it rises into the air competing with other users for the farthest distance and avoiding portals and buildings. Various contests such as ranking battles are coming soon. Complete the Democopter mission and get the MVP rewards.

MVL Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is a classic card game you can play alone with 52 standard cards. The object of the game is to move all the cards to the foundation deck.

1. Foundation

Four decks of cards are stacked in order from Ace(A) to King(K) of the same suit and color. Click the card you want to put on the foundation and the card will be raised to the foundation. ( Order: Ace(A) → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5 → 6 → 7 → 8 → 9 → 10 → Jack(J) → Queen(Q) → King(K) )

Please take this example.

2. Tableau

These are the 7 columns which consist of the main table. The tableau should be arranged in order from King(K) to Ace(A), alternating two different colors. Columns can move to each other. An empty column can be filled with a king or a column with a king at the front. ( Order: King(K) → Queen(Q) → Jack(J) → 10 → 9 → 8 → 7 → 6 → 5 → 4 → 3 → 2 → Ace(A) )

Below is examples.

3. Stock Deck

1 deck of face-down cards.

4. Waste Deck

A card taken from the stock deck is placed. Click the stock deck to show a waste deck. Only the top card can be placed on the tableau or foundation. The cards on the back cannot be moved.

When you run out of stock deck cards, simply press the arrow to show another stock deck card. However, the order of the cards is the same as the original order.

Game Success

When open all of the unopened cards without a stock deck or waste deck, all the cards are automatically moved to the foundation deck. Then the game ends.

There are also some rounds that you cannot end, so please keep this in mind when playing.

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