What is Governance?

Governance refers to a system in which members of a community can freely present their opinions and collectively make key decisions.

In general, in blockchain projects, governance refers to a series of processes where token holders of the project propose various development strategies, engage in discussions, and make decisions through voting for the growth, development, and benefits of the ecosystem.

In particular, a voting system targeting token holders is one of the tools that realizes governance in a very intuitive and rational manner. Token holders actively and carefully participate in ecosystem decision-making because the voting results are linked to the growth of the ecosystem and directly related to individual interests. As a result, most blockchain projects operate governance targeting token or NFT holders.

MVL Governance Rules

Step 1 Discussion (TBA)

  • MVL holders can share various opinions on all projects in the MVL ecosystem.

    • Holders can suggest various opinions, such as future project development directions and modifications to the current project.

  • If the proposals from MVL holders meet certain conditions, they will be raised as official voting items through a snapshot.

    • The criteria for selecting proposal voting items will be announced after the discussion system is established in the future.

  • The MVL Team is currently considering introducing a separate governance-specific page to facilitate smoother opinion collection and constructive discussions, which will be announced later.

  • Items that cause discomfort to others, such as profanity or excessive offensive expressions, may be deleted without prior notice.

Step 2 [ MIP ] Agenda

  • Proposals that meet certain conditions will be elevated to official voting items through a snapshot. The MVL team will directly handle the upload, content creation, and voting proposal for official items.

  • To review the proposed content in the snapshot and participate in future voting, you must first join the MVLChain snapshot community.

  • After official items are posted on the snapshot, MVL token holders can express their opinions through voting for a certain period of time.

Step 3 Vote

  • To vote in the snapshot, you need to connect a blockchain wallet address that holds MVL tokens, bMVL tokens, or NFTs used in the MVL ecosystem.

  • The more MVL+bMVL+NFT you have, the more influence you can have.

  • For detailed instructions on using the snapshot, please refer to the following Gitbook:

  • For inquiries about voting, please use the Google Form in the snapshot community.

    • The method of inquiry may change to "inquiry within the self-forum" or other methods in the future.

Step 4 Announcement

  • The final voting results and MVL Foundation's future action plans will be announced through the snapshot MVL community and official MVL Social Media channels approximately one week after the voting ends.

  • The MVL Foundation plans to reflect the voting results in future business and development schedules, and will continuously notify the community of the progress.

First, we plan to proceed with [ MIP ]Agenda → Vote → Announcement in the initial stage.

Once the governance is sufficiently activated through several governance votes in the future, we plan to operate a separate governance page where participants can engage in mutual discussions.

We kindly request active governance participation.

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