MVL Token Economy

The core of MVL Economy is a circular token economy based on mobility real business.

The external value generated from mobility services such as TADA flows into the token ecosystem. The inflow of this mobility value goes through Clutch Wallet and into Open Treasury.

Due to the limited issuance of MVL Tokens, the circulation of the tokens must be organically integrated for the utility function to continue in the ecosystem. This economic cycle is transparently carried out through Buy & Store & Release via Smart Contract in Open Treasury.

For the circulation of the economy, Tokens purchased from mobility business profits will be stored in the Treasury and redistributed back to the MVL ecosystem. In the future, major ecosystem policies such as MVL Token distribution ratios by category will be determined through Governance(the consensus of MVL Token Holders).

MVL Token is a core asset of the MVL Mobility ecosystem.

MVL Token can be used in various services and products within the MVL Mobility ecosystem as a Utility Token. The use cases of MVL Token, such as purchasing coupons and swapping points in Clutch Wallet, paying fees for partnership services and companies, will be expanded in the future.

The on-chain Governance will also be introduced to allow MVL holders to directly participate in major decisions of the ecosystem. From the initial MVL Treasure ecosystem distribution process, you can actively propose various opinions and receive rewards accordingly.

Participate in liquidity supply (staking) provided by the MVL ecosystem network.

MVL Token is an asset on major public networks such as ETH and BNB. In order to expand the usability of the token and strengthen governance functions in the future, it is essential that the acquisition and sale of MVL Token be smoothly conducted on the on-chain.

To this end, the MVL Bridge website has a LP staking system. Any MVL holder can provide liquidity between mainnet coins such as MVL-ETH and bMVL-BNB and receive rewards accordingly.

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