Open Infra for Mobility

Clutch Wallet is an open infrastructure in which all Web2 mobility companies and users can participate.

Clutch Wallet will evolve into an independent open infrastructure for connecting numerous Web2 mobility services worldwide, not just TADA and ONiON, which are directly operated by MVL.

To expand the Clutch infrastructure, securing mutual connectivity with Web2 services is crucial. Therefore, over the past two years, Cambodia's TADA has separately conducted the creation, sale, and management of service products such as user incentives, service re-entry, and coupons through an independent Clutch Wallet app. Through this, we have derived various improvements for Clutch Wallet and are continuously improving it.

Clutch Wallet provides various benefits for mobility companies.

You can adopt MVL Protocol for the rapid growth of existing services. MVL offers solutions such as Incentive Protocol for platform services such as TADA RH, Financing Protocol for manufactured services such as vehicles and infrastructure such as ONiON, which runs through Clutch.

You can also meet with Web3 users who are active on Clutch. As most Clutch users are Asian users, companies can use Clutch for securing initial users in the Asian market, branding, and more.

It is also possible to develop new products in the Web3 format. Selling service products such as mobility coupons and various vehicle products is possible, and support for developing and launching NFT and Tokens, as well as promotion, is also available if needed.

Our plan is to complete the MVL Mobility Blockchain ecosystem in Clutch Wallet in the long run.

The data transactions in the mobility sector are massive, as evidenced by the daily occurrence of over 100,000 payment transactions in TADA Singapore alone. If multiple services participate in the MVL ecosystem in the long term, it will be a huge burden to pay the massive transaction fees to the public network.

Therefore, we are considering a Mainnet ecosystem in collaboration with mobility companies participating in the MVL ecosystem in the long term. Mobility companies can participate as validators in the blockchain and receive rewards accordingly. These rewards can be reused to reduce service fees or introduce incentives to activate the service.

If this large MVL mobility ecosystem is implemented, entry and participation in the blockchain core infrastructure of services and users, partner service connections, Dapp ecosystem implementation will all be carried out within Clutch Infra. Please continue to follow Clutch Wallet's continuous updates and ecosystem growth.

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