How do I manage the security of my Clutch wallet?

3 elements for the Clutch wallet security management
  • Private Key is responsible for giving permission to access the wallet address. So, if you have your Private Key, you can open your wallet. In addition, since the Private Key consists of random numbers and letters, you can keep your wallet safe.
  • PIN number is used to avoid hassle each time you access your wallet.
  • Seed Phrase is used to safely recover your wallet.

Private Key



Once created, the Private Key cannot be changed.

PIN number


PIN number cannot be verified.
However, in case of loss, the PIN number can be modified. If you click “Forgot PIN number” in the PIN number input window, a window will appear where you can select an account. You can edit your PIN number by logging in with the same social account that you used to log in to. After that, you can proceed as mentioned in Change. This way you can keep your PIN number safe.


Seed Phrase



Once created, the Seed Phrase cannot be changed.

How do I delete my wallet and account?

Deletion of Wallet

Once created, a wallet cannot be deleted. Clutch APP can be deleted. When you reinstall the Clutch app, if you log in with the same social account you logged in to, the wallet address created with that account is called as it is.

Deletion of Account

How do I log out of my wallet? What happens when I log out of my wallet?

When you log out, your wallet's Private Key and Seed Phrase will be permanently deleted from your device. Before logging out, keep your Seed Phrase in a safe place.

I want to connect with a different Google account, how can I do it?

Log out of the Clutch app and log in with a different Google ID. When logging out, be sure to save the Seed Phrase.

I want to use my clutch account with more than one TADA account. Can I do so?

Only one clutch can be connected to one TADA. Therefore, multiple TADA accounts cannot be linked to one Clutch.