How to Create Google Account

1. Go to Google

2. Click a Sign in button.

3. Click For myself under Create account.

4. Fill First name, Last name, Username, Password and Confirm(Enter your Password one more time). After that, click Next Button.

● If you want to see the password, press Show password.

● Using duplicate usernames will result in an error message. Use a non-duplicate username.

● Password must be use 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers & symbols

5. Fill Your birthday and Gender. After that, click Next Button.

● In mobile

If you create a Google account with your mobile phone, you must enter your mobile phone number. After entering your cell phone number, you must enter a 6-digit verification code via text message.

6. Read Privacy and Terms, Click two checkboxes and Click Create Account Button.

7. Google account creation is complete. You can check the logged in account by clicking a person image on the Google homepage.

Last modified 5mo ago