What is the Clutch Wallet?

It is the official mobile cryptocurrency wallet of MVL to store and manage cryptocurrency including MVL.
The clutch wallet is connected to MVL's mobility service, TADA and ONiON. Drivers and riders of TADA and ONiON are provided with MVL token incentives through the clutch wallet. It also serves as a link to the MVL token economy.
It has the double meaning of a “clutch bag” that can store something and a “clutch” of a car.
[Reference] What is a cryptocurrency wallet?
In general, a cryptocurrency wallet is an application that performs two roles: 1) storing the user's private key and 2) signing a transaction with the private key. It is in the form of a Chrome Extension or a mobile app. The first role the wallet must play is to safely store the private key, as only the private key allows the user's assets stored in the blockchain ledger to be moved at will. A transaction is a message sent to a blockchain node to move an asset on the blockchain or invoke a smart contract. In order to be acknowledged that the user sent this message, it must be signed with the user's private key. If you use Metamask (Ethereum Wallet) or Phantom (Solana Wallet), you can see a message asking you to sign with your private key every time you send a token or use a DApp.

Where to use the MVL token?

  1. 1.
    It can be exchanged for cash or other coins through Clutch Wallet and Crypto Exchanges.
  2. 2.
    At Clutch, you can purchase various products such as TADA ride coupons and ONiON recharge coupons, or use services such as mini games.
  3. 3.
    In the future, it will be used as one of the payment methods of TADA, ONiON.
  4. 4.
    In the future, the QR function will be used to support payment at various retail stores such as coffee in Southeast Asia.