MVL Studio

In an MVL ecosystem with millions of people, vast amounts of mobility data are generated.
These data are utilized by various business partners such as finance and insurance, and some of the revenue generated in this process return to compensation for participants in the MVL ecosystem. However, since these data are only used in MVL's real business, there is a limit to creating more value.
Driver data can provide added value to the driver's labor.
In reality, drivers only earn driving profit proportional to driving time, but there is no added value to their labor. Even a good driver with good services cannot earn more profits than others. This is not only a driver problem but also a problem that most platform workers are experiencing.
However, what if we could create a game using their driving data? Excellent drivers in the real world are reborn as game characters with better abilities. Perhaps good characters will be used more often in the game world. If the game is fun, one run of the actual driver can be implemented in hundreds or thousands of transactions in the game. In addition, if the revenue generated in these games can be shared with data providers, it can create added value to the work of platform workers.
Vehicle data can be a key idea to offset depreciation.
The ONiON E-TukTuk produced by MVL is a connected vehicle in which all vehicle data is recorded and managed. This vehicle is an asset that decreases in value over time, such as production, driving, and accidents. However, if the vehicle's data can be converted into 1:1 NFT, the actual vehicle depreciation process can be viewed differently.
From the NFT's point of view, this vehicle continues to generate specific data over time. From this point of view, events such as accidents and flooding can be more rare data. In addition, if this NFT is utilized in various blockchain services and rare data can be linked to game capabilities or goods production, it will be possible to offset some of the depreciation of the actual vehicle.
Mobility innovation that no one has ever attempted to begin.
Utilization of mobility data from a new perspective and creating more excellent value!
These things do not just happen in your imagination. Currently, the MVL team is devising a worldview that connects the real world and the digital world and is developing NFTs and games based on actual data. We will inform you of the results and results of MVL Studio in detail through the community. Stay Tuned!
Last modified 1yr ago