Data Oracle

The data oracle problem refers to the issue of trust in external data recorded on the blockchain.

Since not all data in the world is generated solely on the blockchain network, most Web3 services rely on some level of external data. Therefore, there is a need to verify the trustworthiness of externally generated data before recording it on the blockchain.

As a solution to this, various methods can be discussed, such as strict verification of the subject of data generation and transmission, technical filtering considering the unique characteristics of data by field, and furthermore, the introduction of a governance structure for data finalization.

MVL's mobility service data is recorded on the blockchain network after strict verification.

Original data from mobility services such as TADA is important data used as the standard for various participant rewards, services, and product designs within the MVL ecosystem. To implement a transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem, original data to be recorded on the blockchain network must not be distorted.

In the MVL ecosystem, mobility technology and service experience are utilized to prevent data distortion.

The data generation and transmission entities are strictly limited to internal services and partner companies such as TADA and ONiON, and self-produced vehicles and batteries are connected to MVL servers in real-time (V2X), so data distortion in the intermediary process is prevented at the source.

In the verification and recording stage, secondary verification is carried out. If incentive-driven abusing data, such as excessive driving or boarding frequency, is discovered compared to past service operation experience, it is technically limited.

The core role of the MVL Data Oracle part is to record the necessary data on the blockchain after such internal verification, calibration, and standardization.

We are devising various policies for continuous and reliable mobility data recording.

In order to induce the recording of disadvantageous data such as accident history and maintenance history of vehicles, we are expanding service providers such as affiliated insurance companies and repair shops, and also devising compensation programs for recorders.

Since expertise is important in mobility data analysis, partner programs for separate verification by sector such as each service and vehicle can be introduced.

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