TADA Delivery is a delivery service platform developed in response to the increase of vacancy rate due to covid-19. It is operated in Singapore and Cambodia, allowing businesses to book and track deliveries to their customers and manage payments collected by their drivers on the same app using cash or digital payments. Transactions made in the TADA Delivery service will be recorded, and this data can be saved in MVL’s blockchain system and the data of all transportation tools used for delivery.


TADA Delivery Cambodia's total sales were poor in the first half due to Cambodia's overall lockdown between April and May, but the lockdown situation ended and rapidly recovered the growth. In particular, it has opened delivery services in suburban areas (Siem Reap, Kampong Thom) and has maintained sales of more than $900,000 every month. Based on this, TADA Cambodia plans to expand its services and business beyond Phnom Penh to all areas of Cambodia.