Fresh Market

TADA Fresh Market is a wet market delivery service that aims to support the local wet market stallholders. TADA Fresh Market uses TADA's technology and driver networks to bring traditional markets online and provide drivers with an expanded customer network, focusing on the fact that fresh products in traditional markets are not delivered directly to customers due to the lack of a proper logistics system. Today, TADA Fresh Market delivers fresh food from more than 50 stores in Singapore's top four local markets.


TADA Fresh posted sales of $620,000 in the second half of 2021, which increased about 81% from the second half of last year. Since last year, TADA Fresh has been operating services in partnership with traditional representative markets such as Tekka, Tiong Bahru, and 216 Bedok in Singapore, and Hyundai Department Store and China Wet Market have newly opened this year to expand customer choices. In addition, TADA Singapore launches the TADA Express service following Cambodia and also provides on-demand delivery services.