Ride Hailing

The ride-hailing service platform TADA currently has about 1.2 million users throughout Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam since its first launch in July 2018. It is the only platform that operates under the zero-commission policy, and it aims to create a transparent ecosystem by providing incentives and benefits to all users and participants who are willing to provide their data when using the platform. TADA data includes transactions between drivers and riders, vehicle driving records, payment-related data, etc. All the data collected from users will be recorded on our blockchain protocol, and MVL incentives will be granted to these users depending on their participation and contribution.


As of December of 2021, the number of new drivers registered in TADA ride-hailing service this year was about 40,000 drivers, and about 200,000 riders, with a total of 240,000 new subscribers.
The cumulative users reached 1.24 million, an increase of about 24% compared to last year. The number of drivers increased by 40% to about 140,000, and the number of riders increased by 22% to about 1.1 million.
The number of TADA ride-hailing service orders was about 4.15 million in the first half and about 7.7 million in the second half, recording 11.85 million.
The total number of orders last year was about 6.47 million, about 83% increased in this year. The average number of annual orders per month is about 1.08 million, and in the second half of the year continues to grow, increasing by 22% per month compared to the first half.