Single Staking (Pools)

Basic Concept

Single Staking is a bMVL single token deposit service that will be conducted on the MVL Bridge.
The main purpose of the service is to:
  • Encourage ERC20 MVL token holders to switch to BEP20 bMVL token network to activate bMVL liquidity providing (bMVLBNB LP creation) participation
  • In the future, in addition to the MVL Bridge, provide and compensate network conversion liquidity to MultiChain DEX that supports ERC20 MVL ↔ BEP20 bMVL network conversion (to be introduced later)
  • Considering the activation stage of bMVL transactions according to the step-by-step connecting between mobility services and blockchains, pre-checking specifications such as mainnet and side chains to be prepared in the future

Single Staking (bMVL)


  • MVLBridge's Bridge function converts ERC20 MVL tokens into BEP20 bMVL tokens and deposits them in the Pools of MVL Bridge, bMVL is paid as incentives according to the amount and period of deposit.

Single Staking Spec.

bMVL Token Address
MVL ↔ bMVL Bridge
  • Bridging on MVL Bridge
  • MVL Bridge Contract
bMVL Staking
  • Single Staking on MVL Bridge