MVL Blockchain Protocol

In the MVL ecosystem, which encompasses all mobility services such as ride-hailing services, electric vehicles, and batteries used by more than 2 million people, massive amounts of data are generated in real time.

Ride-hailing services generate data such as driver and rider contributions, trip agreements, payment information, and travel routes.
In the E-Vehicle sector, MVL manages life cycle data directly related to vehicle HW such as vehicle production, driving, maintenance, battery replacement, and additional service data such as ownership, driver, and financing status.
Energy & Infrastructure related data includes life cycle data of battery swap records at 13 charging stations, real-time location of replaceable batteries, charging status and frequency, and remaining lifespan.
In addition, MVL manages vast amounts of data in various mobility SW solutions such as logistics, delivery, and retail management.

Key data that can create new value among these mobility data is transparently recorded on the blockchain through processes such as real-time verification and processing.

The service contribution data of ecosystem participants is utilized in the loyalty program. You can re-participate in MVL's service with the rewarded MVL Token.
Lifecycle data of mobility assets such as eco-friendly vehicles and batteries can also be commercialized in the form of NFTs that prove various rights, creating new value.

MVL protocol is an innovative mobility solution that combines mobility and blockchain.

MVL provides various solutions that enable the utilization of mobility data in a new way on the blockchain network, and can achieve greater growth with various partner companies and participants in the MVL ecosystem.
As of 2023, MVL operates two major blockchain protocols, Incentive and Financing, and plans to introduce various solutions in areas such as environment and products in the future.